The jobs which occupy the top 10 that are in demand in 2010, did not exist in 2004. That means, at present, we are teaching the students who hold the future with occupation that does not exist yet, with skills that no one knows now, and whose job that may solve issues that no one knows yet.-Did you know 3.0(Youtube)


Based on the three key pillars of English, social skills, and innovativity, we bring up bilingual children with advanced sociality and rich creativity.
Our mission is to foster children who can contribute greatly to society in the future.


Interact with the people globally and access to world-wide information.

English is a useful tool to communicate with the people all around the world, and it has become a common language on the internet in the late years. We think the ability to speak English has become indispensable for anyone to meet people with the different cultural background and to come in contact with the latest information and technologies. At our school, students will spend all time in English. We think no less than 10 hours of second-language environment in a week are needed in order to foster bilingual children. Therefore, Howmights School proudly perform 20 hours of English environment to raise bilingual children of Japanese and English.



Think of new solutions of issues of those yet to be solved.

As a result of development of artificial intelligence and robot technologies, computer robots will probably elbow out jobs which operational efficiencies under existing rules are pursued. Nevertheless, it is considerably difficult for computers to create “something completely new”, and those will surely remain to be a task for human. A series of creative activities are called “Innovativity” at our school. Through these activities, children learn design thinking, problem solving project, and by working in a team, they learn teamwork and achievement through creating unique ideas and putting them to reality.



Our school curriculum does not ask for lecture-style study.
We expect growth of every student through independent activities.