Director and Coaches

At Howmights School, we call the instructors “Coach” instead of “teachers”. We encourage and teach the children of the importance children to take their own initiative act by thinking by themselves, not by being instructed.

Guy Pearce


My specialties are in media field, such as making films, music videos, and short movies. After I finished school and building up my career in the media industry in the U.K, I came to Japan in the year of 2016. I take much pride in the knowledge of the latest technology of film makings and visual expressions. Also, I have been playing the drums since I was 13, and enjoy myself participating in various music projects.

Howmights School takes great responsibility in creating English-language environment for children. We also think ability of creativity helps to enhance contents development.

I love cooking.

Mindaugas Ramanauskis (Min Ram)


I am a specialist of computer engineering, and have significant skills in robotics and programing language.

I took a degree of computer engineer in my homeland Lithuania, and then flew over to the U.S. I have been in Japan since 2015, and have granted the great opportunity of working at Howmights School after working as a short-term English teacher. I have a considerable aptitude for STEM education of programing and engineering.

My English accent is not North American, but I speak with clear European accent. As often the people from small European countries are, I can speak English very fluently, though my second language, with high grammatical skills and vocabulary.

Since my real name is long, people just call me “Min” at this school.

Yuka Motobe


From the age of 5 to 10, I have lived in the suburb of Toronto, Canada, and spent my elementary school life there. After my return to Japan, I studied at local Japanese school and graduated from Kobe University.

Then, I build up my career as working at oversea market for several years and resigned for my pregnancy. After giving birth to my first child, I started a new job of teaching English for infants, and named my class “YukaPica”.

I bring up my two children in English to raise them bilinguals. Giving advice and support about English education at home for parents has been an important duty for me. I also enjoy playing my violin with the orchestra, in an ensemble, and at nursing facilities as a volunteer.

Tsuyoshi Motobe


I am in charge of making decisions of the education policy, developing the method and the curriculum, and responsible for overall management of Howmights School.

I graduated from Kobe University in literature, and then flew to France and studied design for three years.
Then I came back to Japan, and started my career and designed sportswear. Designing team costumes for European countries in the Vancouver Olympics has been a great business experience. After engaging in a new business development at a manufacturing company, I performed a setup of a web business.

As I work through the business, I gradually came to feel a gleam of compassion with the design thinking, which taught me the importance of creative education for children, and lead me to establish Howmights School.

I am a father of two children, and I treasure my time with my children and try to spend as much time as possible. Cooperating with my wife, we raise our children in bilinguals.

Obtained MBA at Graduate School of Management Globis University