Campus Life


The handicrafts and pictures by children will hopefully cover the walls and open space.

Children take their class in the big space in the middle where we call the “green place”. The space at the window side is floored with comfortable cushion materials, and there the children can play, lie down, or feel the relaxing atmosphere.

※From April 2017, we will have 2 classes. Current classroom will be English immersion class. New classroom will be Japanese-supported class.


Howmights School Yuhigaoka lies nearby Gojo Elementary School in Tennoji Ward which is known as a leading education district of Osaka City. There is a Ward office, and a hospital and a number of temples and shrines in the local area which performs a quiet atmosphere located on Uemachi Plateau.

Nearby lies large athletic ground where we play various team sport as soccer, handball, in order to develop teamwork and leadership skills.

Pick-up Service

We are able to offer pick-up service for children after school, either by foot, by train, or by car.

Schools Available for pick-up service

  • Tennoji Elementary School Attached To Osaka Kyoiku University
  • Otemon Gakuin Elementary School
  • Josei Gakuen Elementary School
  • Gojo Elementary School
  • Oe Elementary School
  • Ikutama Elementary School
  • Seiwa Elementary School
  • Tokiwa Elementary School
  • Tennoji Elementary School
  • Sanadayama Elementary School
  • Ajihara Elementary School
  • Toyo Elementary School
  • Kozu Elementary School
  • Takamatsu Elementary School
  • Tamatsukuri Elementary School
  • Higashi-Momodai Elementary School

Newly added Schools available for pick-up service (2017)

  • Hirano Elementary School attached to Osaka Kyoiku University
  • Tezukayama Elementary School(Osaka)
  • Chuo Elementary School
  • Minami-Oe Elementary School
  • Naka-Oe Elementary School
  • Horie Elementary School
  • *We may be able to offer pick-up service for elementary schools though it is not listed.

*We may be able to offer pick-up service for elementary schools though it is not listed.
*Send-off service is not included.


The snacks we offer at Howmights School are bread, fruits and nuts.

There are several bakeries near the school which provides high quality bread like “Parigot”, from where we offer the children with freshly baked bread.We avoid giving them sweet rolls which have strong sweetness, but provide them with various kinds of bread with chestnuts, walnuts, or dried fruits.

To experience the wide variety of snacks, fruits, nuts, Japanese confectioneries and Chinese sweets are also given.

On the other hand, mass-produced snack confectioneries sold at supermarkets are never given to the children at our school.


When requested, we offer lunch service during the long vacations of local schools in spring and summer, and days when local schools don’t provide lunch.

Lunches we offer to the children are not meal-delivery style that local kindergartens and after-school daycare take. Our school lunch is made by a delicatessen called “Sozai Kobo Dahei” located in the school neighborhood.

Sozai Kobo Dahei offer traditional, light-flavored, home-style Japanese meal. They even have cooking class for people who wants to learn cooking. Though they don’t sell packed lunch for children, they were kind enough to accept our special request to cook for our school children. Menu provides a main dish (fish or meat that are not deep-fried) and several side-dishes.